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So Called Global Threat of Disease Cardiovascular

Your soybean cake, disease of murderer number one in world? If cancer or diabetes is your answer, provide against the fact from WHO of following: Each; Every two second, one people in world die because disease cardiovascular. Yes, disease of cardiovascular prayer beads have as the root cause death and handicap in all the world. Come on recognize the disease cardiovascular of so that we can determine the a step in the right direction face the this global threat
According To Chief of Gathering of Indonesia Hypertension at the same time Senior cardiologist from RS of Heart and Our Expectation Vein, Dr. Arieska Ann Soenarta, Sp.Jp(K), disease cardiovascular represent an word used to denote trouble causing heart sickness (cardio) and venous (vascular).
There is three form of disease cardiovascular, namely:
o Heart sickness of Coroner is vein disease which heart supply. Its implication cover the infark miocard (heart attack), angina (pain in bone chest), and aritmia (abnormal heart rhythm)
o Disease Serebrovascular is vein disease which brain supply. Its implication cover the stroke (damage of brain cell of because lack of blood supply) and transient ischemic attack (damage of whereas at eyesight, ability converse, feel or movement.
o Disease of Vascular perifer is vein disease which supply of hand and foot/feet causing to feel the pain which just come and go, and also feel the pain of because cramps of muscle of foot/feet of sport moment.

Real Impact of Disease Cardiovascular
Complete Formulation of fact which have been mentioned previously shall be as follows, happened by one death of effect of disease cardiovascular of each; every two second, heart attack of each; every five second and effect of stroke of each; every six second. Every year estimated by 17 million people die effect of disease cardiovascular
In the year 2005, mortality of effect of disease cardiovascular reach 17,5 million. Around 7,6 million is among others happened by because heart sickness of coroner and 5,7 million because stroke. Estimated by a global death effect of disease cardiovascular reach around 25 million in the year 2020.
For a while from around 10 million people in safe world from stroke every year, more than 5 million among others experience of the permanent handicap, so that become the separate burden to family and society. In the year 2020, disease cardiovascular estimated to occupy the higher level position above contagion as biggest handicap cause in the world.

Recognize the Cause of Disease Cardiovascular
Heart attack and stroke especially because of aterosclerosis (fat heaping) at wall of vein artery which supply of heart and brain. Cumulative Deposit Fat cause formed [his/its] is peaky old ones too long will be thick and big so that narrow the artery and pursue the blood stream. Finally vein will ossify and have the character of less limber
Trouble Cardiovascular caused by aterosklerosis related to to decrease [it] blood stream of because heart and brain [do] not accept the blood supply which enough. Resistance of blood stream hereinafter can cause [at] more serious episode cardiovascular is including heart attack and stroke
Existence of blood cork also can cause the happening of break network in artery which later; then will swell and can pursue entire/all vein so that result the heart attack or stroke.

Take heed the Symptom and Factor of Risk of Disease Cardiovascular
One matter which require to be taken heed the, individual with the disease cardiovascular in general [do] not experience of the symptom. Sign of initially can be in the form offing heart attack or stroke. Public Symptom of heart attack cover the pain or feel is not delicious [in] chest, hand, left shoulder, elbow, or back. Other symptom include; cover the asphyxia, queasy and vomit, feel to float or faint the, sweat chilled, and seen to by turn pale the
Public Symptom from stroke is weakening it face, hand and foot/feet, oftentimes at one body side. Other symptom include; cover the sudden episode like insensible [in] face, hand or foot/feet, confuse, difficult converse and comprehend the discussion, difficult see side or [both/ second] eye, difficult walk, confused, lose balance the, hard headache without cause, and faint
There are a number of factor causing someone to be risk to disease cardiovascular. This Risk factor is divided to become two group, able to be controlled and uncontrolable. 80 % of heart sickness of coroner and cerebrovascular of because of risk factor able to be controlled.
Risk factor able to be controlled high blood Cholesterol rate, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Life style (less move the, cigarette, consume the abundant alcohol. Uncontrolable risk factor Age, Gender, History of Disease cardiovascular in family.

Become, What Can Be conducted
It is true, cannot be conducted by intervention to uncontrolable risk factor. Age, gender, and history of disease cardiovascular in family represent the improbability altered. Real step hereinafter only how manage of risk factor able to be controlled.
Its fact, about 75 % of disease cardiovascular in all the world because of conventional risk factor is including obesity, less physical activity, and tobacco usage (cigarette). For a while in developed countries, one-third disease cardiovascular caused by five risk factor namely tobacco, alcohol, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity.
That risk factor able to be controlled by more dominant have contribution to as cause of disease cardiovascular. although Medication can be conducted at most of all form of disease cardiovascular is including hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes mellitus, but all that come home to individual to run healthy life pattern. As possible avoid the risk factor able to cause the disease cardiovascular represent the best step able to be conducted.

(Nita.www.medicastore.com obtained on the date of 27 august 2008)

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