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Woman conducting fertilisasi in vitro (in vitro fertilization) can improve the opportunity to be pregnant counted 65% if them also get the akupuntur, according to antecedent result a study publicized in British Medical Journal of edition Februari 2008
Fertilisasi In vitro which more knowledgeable with the baby program save is a technique o] where cell of fruit egg by sperma of outside womb is later; then reentered by into womb. Around 10-15% couple look for the fertility therapy because they find difficulties to be pregnant and baby program save to represent the common therapy selected
Counted 200.000 baby in all the world pass the baby process save in the year 2000. Because costly expense, time old ones and high stres in running baby process save, nowadays medicinize and new technology have been developed to increase efficacy number
Study executed all researcher in Faculty Of Mediciness of University of Maryland and University VU in Amsterdam motivated with the history akupuntur used in Chinese during for centuries to assist the system reproduce the woman.
All researcher have the target find whether akupuntur given with transfer of embryo improve the pregnant efficacy and baby birth of woman experiencing baby process save.
In the study, Eric Manheimer, assistant of researcher of University of Doctor Maryland, and team revise 7 test of where involved by counted 1.366 woman experiencing baby program save. This test select widely woman with the age which vary, difference of cause.
Each; Every test compare the akupuntur given with process of transfer of embryo by akupuntur counterfeit or not conducted by akupuntur. As a whole result of good test, according to all researcher.
" Process the transfer of embryo supported with the [gift/ giving] [of] akupuntur seemingly improve the pregnant tendency counted 65% compared to [by] spurious akupuntur or [is] not [done/conducted] [by] akupuntur," word Manheimer

Equally, from each; every 10 woman which therapy, one hopeable additional pregnancy. However, benefit akupuntur proven small or not significant in test of where baseline of pregnancy number have high.
"Akupuntur can be useful as additional therapy in course of fertilisasi in vitro," word Manheimer. " However, needed by a study which is more to prove this finding because still represent result of antecedent, "add the Manheimer
There is many patient of program of tube baby conducting akupuntur, where some of they do it at the instance of doctor," express the dr. Owen K Davis, proxy of director and assistant professor in Medical Center Reproduce and infertility, Faculty Of Mediciness Weill, University Cornell, New York
"Most of to the initiative by xself. It is of course, anything able to assist our patient is my something that expect," add the Davis. But on the other hand this study many its insuffiency. According to Davis, big random study needed to to answer this question.

( Fitri Fatima.Www.Medicastore.Com obtained on the date of 17 maret 2008)

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