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Correct Diarrhoea Medication

Do not forever that diarrhoea is ugly. In fact diarrhoea is body mechanism to release the poison from within body. Poison yielded by virus, bacterium, parasite etcetera will be thrown by exit of together with watery faeces.
Losing of pregnant body dilution of important electrolyte is death cause of diarrhoea patient. " Condition is so-called dehydrationing this dangerous because can generate the trouble of heart rhythm and degrade the patient awareness. Don'T assume inconsequential, is if not overcome can generate the death," clear of dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, Sp.Pd, KGEH, MMB.

Mostly acute diarrhoea (sudden diarrhoea) [at] remediable child only with the gift of dilution and continue the gift just just food. On that account, nucleus; core from diarrhoea medication is give the dilution to avoid happened to by dehydration.
"Principle of diarrhoea Medication is prevent to dehydration with the giving oralit (rehidrasi) and overcome the diarrhoea cause" express the dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, Sp.Pd, KGEH, MMB. Diarrhoea earn because of many factor of like malnutrition, bacterium, parasite, chafe the. Medication given have to be adapted for by klinis patient.
Diarrhoea drug divided to become three, first of kemoterapeutika fighting against diarrhoea cause. Like bacterium or parasite, obstipansia to eliminate the symptom of diarrhoea and spasmolitik assisting to eliminate the inconvenience stomach spastic.
Better don't consume the faction kemoterapeutika without doctor recipe. Doctor will determine the drug which is adapted for by its diarrhoea cause for example bacterium, parasite. Gift of Kemoterapeutika have the side effects and better be drinked by according to doctor guide.
In fact large intestine do not only releasing water redundantly but also electrolyte. Losing of dilution and electrolyte through this diarrhoea later; then can generate to dehydration. Dehydration this menace the head of diarrhoea patient.

Classification Medicinize The Diarrhoea
A. Kemoterapeutika for the therapy of kausal that is fighting against bacterium of diarrhoea cause of like antibiotika, sulphonamide, kinolon and furazolidon

1. Racecordil
Anti ideal diarrhoea have to work quickly, do not cause the konstipasi, having high index terapeutik, don't have the ugly effect to nerve system center, and which do not less important, do not cause the tergantung. First Racecordil multiply marketed in French at 1993 fulfilling all the ideal condition.
2. Loperamide
Loperamide represent the laboring faction opioid by slowing down motilitas channel digest by influencing muscle of sirkuler and intestine longitude. this Diarrhoea drug by reseptor is opioid so that anticipated by effect constipation resulted from by tying loperamid by reseptor is the. Side effects which is often met by abdomen colic (hurt in stomach shares), while tolerance to happened the very rare effect konstipasi
3. Nifuroxazide
Nifuroxazide is compound nitrofuran have the effect bakterisidal to Escherichia coli, Shigella Dysenteriae, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus And Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Nifuroxazide work local at digestion channel.
This Diarrhoea drug is indication for the dire of acute, diarrhoea which is because of E. coli & Staphylococcus, specific kolopatis and non specific, goodness used for the children of and also adult.
4. Dioctahedral Smectite
Dioctahedral Smectite (DS), an aluminosilikat nonsistemik of have structure to filitik, by in vitro have been proven can protect the barrier mukosa intestine and permeate the toxin, bacterium, and also rotavirus. Smectite denature the physical mukus bounce up and opponent mukolisis which is resulted from by a bacterium. This Iihat vitamin also can cure the integrity of mukosa intestine is such as those which seen from normalization of ratio of laktulose-manitol urin at child with the acute diarrhoea.

B. Obstipansia for the therapy of simtomatis (eliminating symptom) able to discontinue the diarrhoea with a few the way of
1. Lock vitamin of Compressor peristaltik, so that give the more time for the resorpsi of irrigate and electrolyte by mukosa intestine of like derivat petidin (difenoksilat and loperamida), antokolinergik (atropine, extract belladonna
2. Adstringensia which reduce the size the the mucous membrane intestine, for example tannic acid (tannin) and tannalbumin, salt of bismuth and alumunium
3. Adsorbensia, for example karbo adsorben yanga of its surface is permeable (poisonous adsorpsi) Iihat vitamin (toksin) yielded by bacterium or which sometimes come from food fish. Including here is also musilago of Iook vitamin of mucus closing over the mucous membrane of intestine and its hurts with a[n resist like kaolin, pectin (an carbohydrate which is there are for example sdalam apple) and salt bismuth and also alumunium.

C. Spasmolitik, namely Iihat vitamin able to discharge the muscle spastic which oftentimes result the pain in bone of stomach at diarrhoea for example papaverin and oksifenonium.


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