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How to be Our Child is Smart and Healthy?

Each; Every sure parent wish to have the smart and healthy child. All energy and effort will be conducted by the mother and father of to be the target reached. Start from often hear the classic music, drink the vitamin, athletic diligent giving pregnant milk formula of AA And DHA trusted can improve the child intellegence.
Not many knowing that there is way of cheap and easy to be smart and healthy child. Dr. Utami Roesli, Sp.A, MBA, IBCLC, Chief of Sentra Laktasi Indonesia tell, " Suckling exclusive ASI can improve the health and child intellegence."
Unhappily, all mother in Indonesia a lot do not give the ASI to its baby. Though by giving ASI, health and intellegence of the well guaranted baby even also. Do not only that, the mother even also get one of the benefit that is becoming is rarer hit by]a bosom cancer.
Behold the Nia (28), workingwoman owning this two putri confess to give the good ASI vitamin and to be its child is smart and healthy. Very mother care about this health is natural more opting like ASI (Irrigate The Milk of Ms.). For his, important to be child is always given by the affection and fulfill the psychological requirement.
You possible confuse, how ASI can make healthy and educate the clear your child? ASI is rights the baby and milk initiation early ASI of playing important role in exclusive success ASI. Concerning excess ASI compared to by milk formula and to be wisdom in chosening and using milk formula, You can correct reading the description hereunder.

1. Lock to be Smart and Healthy Child
There is two factor influencing intellegence, that is factor of environmental genetik factor and. According to dr. Bernard Devlin from Faculty Of Mediciness of University Pittsburg, United States estimate the factor genetik only contributing 48% in forming IQ child. The rest is environmental factor.
Important environment because owning bigger role than genetik. consisted of to by Environmental factor take care of, sharpen and asih. Take care of to mean to give the requirement for the growth of physical, Sharpen to mean to give the stimulasi or education, ASI mean to give the requirement psychososial.
So that growth of health and child intellegence is not annoyed, old fellow require to take care of the nutrisi. Matter is important for the growth of child growth and especially brain of because cleverness relate to the brain growth.
"Exclusive ASI is best nutrisi in quality and amount at the (time) of a period of/to jumping movement of brain growth that happened from 0 until 6 month; moon", express the Dr. Utami Roesli, Recuring Sp.A which is just year in September then.
ASI contain the nutrient having specific function for the growth of brain for example long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (DHA And AA) for the growth of brain and retina, cholesterol for the myelinisasi of nerve network, taurin for the neurontransmitter of inhibitor and membrane balancer, laktosa for the growth of brain, koline which possible improve the memory.
Gift exclusive ASI during 6 month; moon of besides nicely for the growth of brain, also nicely to draw up the system of baby digestion of because at the (time) of delivering birth, enzyme of baby digestion still not yet complete and only can be used to digest the ASI. It is important to know that ASI contain more than 100 kinds of enzyme assisting absorbtion of Iihat vitamin of gizi which is consisted in in ASI.
Furthermore, dr. Utami Roesli, more addressed by chummy Sp.A of dr. Tami enhance the, " Process suckle the ASI do not just feeding but also educate and give the requirement psychososial". Process to suckle that represent the stimulasi to child education of caused by eye contact, invited by a talking, embraced, and dielus-elus by the mother.

2. Smart and Healthy by ASI
Beyond the sea have many conducted by research to child suckling ASI more than semi last century. Start from Douglas year 1950 finding that quicker child ASI can walk, until research by Lucas (1996) and Riva (1998) finding that value of higher IQ child ASI some poin.
Pursuant to result of study Horwood & Fergusson Year 1998 to 1000 child have age to 13 year in New Selandia, see the old increase tendency of of ASI as according to improvement IQ, result of tes of standard intellegence, improvement rangking in school and make-up of number in school.
Do not only that, other research conducted in different state in the year 2002 also seiya word with the result of study Horwood & Fergusson. Richards Dkk. In English find that children gave by the ASI by having a meaning of to show result of higher level education.
All the research result of positive believe benefit give the ASI that more intelligent child ASI. Dr. Utami Roesli, This Sp.A affirm the " Child gave by the ASI will be more be healthy, Higher IQ, better EQ And SQ even soleh and soleha".

a. Irrigate the Mother Milk is Baby Rights
Cat And tiger of[is including mammal type which its mother bear and suckle its child. Try to pay attention that milk of cat mains can be enjoyed by the catty and milk of tiger mains can be enjoyed by tiger child. But, irrigate the incompatible cat milk for the tiger of, that way on the contrary.
"God have created the water of mother milk always suited for its child", express the dr. Utami Roesli, Sp.A, MBA, IBCLC taking specialist of child doctor in FK UNPAD, Bandung. Its Excitement again that ASI [released] by mother bosom amount to matching with the one which can be permeated by digestion of the baby. Even godsend which is one this also can correspond to the requirement is the baby by real is time, for example if merely starve for hence will be more many dilution and so on.
Though in a few hours its birth, baby not yet hungry or starve for because stock there is still from in content, newborn baby is entitled to get the kolostrum that is rich gold dilution of first antibody multiply the exit from nipple of mother bosom after bearing.
ASI represent the children right to the continuity of baby life and grow the flower in an optimal fashion. A mother is obliged to suckle its child. Gift of ASI have many benefit most off all playing a part in to make healthy and educate the baby.
Useful ASI form the growth intelegensia, spiritial, and emotional growth because during suckled in gentle hug mother, baby come into contact with direct with the mother, and get the warm feeling of affection and feel safe.

b. Initiation of Milk ASI
In the early last August, week of ASI world 2007 is also celebrated in Indonesia with the Milk theme " One First Hour of Life Continued with the Exclusive Milk 6 Month; Moon, Saving More Than One Million Baby".
Indonesia Government support the policy of WHO and Unicef recommending milk initiation early (early latch on) as action of life saving, because milk initiation early can save 22 percentage of baby dying before age one month;moon. Suckling one first hour [of] life which is early with the husk contact of between mother and baby expressed by as global indicator.
"This represent the new matter to Indonesia, and represent the governmental program, is so that expected by all health energy in all good health service level of private sector, and also society can socialize and execute to support its success is the program, is so that expected will be reached by the qualified Indonesia resource, " say the Mother of Ani Yudhono in event culminate the week of ASI World 2007.
Milk initiation early is by putting down newborn baby above stomach or its mother chest. During almost 1 hour, baby will start to make a move to look for the mother nipple and start the milk by xself. Dr. Tami mention that beyond the sea this matter is known have been long enough but in Indonesia newly since year 2006 then.
Milk initiation early can assist to peep out the refleks baby to suckle and playing important role for the successfulness of to run the exclusive ASI. Unhappily, not yet all health energy in Indonesia knowing this matter.
Decree Of The Minister For Public Health of RI about giving irrigate the mother milk exclusively at baby in Indonesia have been ratified by since 2004 then. All mother and mother to be can follow to support the governmental program by giving exclusive ASI for the baby of its. Possible small matter for us but very meaning to life [of] the baby later.

c. Excess ASI compared to by Milk Formula
Baby gave the threatened milk formula of obesitas. Mostly milk formula base on the pregnant ox milk [of] protein much more many from human being protein. We know that animal tend to quicker [is] its growth [is] compared to by a human being.
No wonder a research mention that baby getting ASI do not as fat as baby getting milk formula. Its growth is nicer and seldom be ill. By dozens diarrhoea baby [of] effect of milk formula [of] because sugar of ox milk ( laktosa) of some baby.
Milk Formula in marketing nowadays many containing addition nutrisi in the form of fat acid of like AA and DHA trusted can educate the child. But, baby do not have the ability to digest all Iihat vitamin the gizi.
Baby produce the enzyme in rough to be able to digest the fat, while in ASI have been prepared by enzyme lipase assisting to digest the fat, and this enzyme do not there are at milk of formula or animal milk.
Fat of exist in maximal digestible ASI by baby body from at fat of exist in milk formula, so that faeces of baby of milk formula of more containing food which cannot be digested by its body.
Later;Then, in ASI consisted in by acid of fat esensial which is not got in milk of ox or milk formula. Sour of this fat esensial is required for the growth of brain and baby eye, and also venous health.
In ASI is also consisted in by Vitamin C, so that baby ASI needn't get the suplemen of vitamin C, vitamin C is usually given for the babes of gave by the milk formula. Ferrum very required by body of human being so that is not attacked by a anaemia (insuffiency darh of effect of defisinesi ferrum).
Moment borne by a baby have the supply enough ferrum, but that return to its mother, whether pregnant moment is he/she have the ferrum supply which enough. All milk type contain a few/little ferrum of [around] 100ml, or 0.5-0.7mg / i, but its difference is ferrum of exist in maximal digestible ASI until 50% by baby, differing from ferrum of exist in animal milk which is only 10%.
First in the year its life, baby very rentan to disease, so that need the protection [of] extra from its mother. ASI contain the phabocyte and a number of factor anti-infektif assisting to protect the baby from infection. ASI also contain the antibody to various infection which have been experienced of [by] the previous mother

d. Problema [of] Ms. Suckling
Dr. Utami Roesli regret that lack of information is biggest constraint [of] mother [do] not suckle the ASI. Information of about milk formula much more many and assure compared to by ASI so that all mother [do] not give the ASI to its baby.
ASI is the single which is good to baby. Mother better comprehend hit the milk formula of before giving it to baby. Look for the well-balanced and correct information hit] the milk of formula and ASI.
Very regrettably that [do] not all mother can give the exclusive ASI. Many factor influencing the the mother so that cannot suckle its child. One of them [is] psychological problem [of] mother pasca bear or milk nipple which below par. Can also because chronic pain, bosom infection and chafe the bosom.
If have so, its way out [is] by giving milk formula. Though [gift/ giving] of milk formula to baby old age below/under one year [is] not suggested. Doctor suggest that the baby given [by] the ASI until have age [to] 6 month;moon of[is so-called by ASI [is] Exclusive and remain to be continued until 2 year [of] if still suckle the.
Body of World Health ( WHO) mention there [is] condition [of] where milk formula may be given. milk Formula shall only be passed to [by] a situation very limited, that is have been [done/conducted] [by] assessment to status suckle from mother, and relaktasi [do] not enable [is] and also given [by] only to child which cannot milk, for example: orphan

3. Wisdom chosen and use the Milk Formula
In general correct milk election principle and good to child [is] acceptable and appropriate milk [of] system of child body. Best milk [do] not milk have to took a fancy to [by] the baby or milk which its price [is] costly. Non also milk which is many weared by many baby or milk which best selling.
Best milk should not generate the channel trouble digest like diarrhoea, vomit or difficulty defecate the. best milk also should not generate the other trouble like coughing, congested, husk trouble etcetera. Acceptance to milk in each child very differing. Certain child can accept the milk A, but other child if/when drinking milk A happened [by] the diarrhoea, vomit or difficult to [oppositely;also] defecate.
All milk formula circulating in Indonesia and [in] world have to as according to Standard RDA (Recomendation Dietery Allowence). Standard RDA for the milk of formula baby [is] the amount of calorie, vitamin and mineral have to as according to baby requirement in reaching to grow the optimal flower.
Equally any usage [is] brand of appropriate ox formula milk [of] child age [of] during [do] not generate the trouble of body function [is] best milk for the child of the. cosiest milk and taken a fancy to [by] non also represent the especial consideration [of] milk election.
Though the milk taken a fancy to [by] the child, but if/when generating many trouble of function and body system [of] hence will generate many problem of health to child. But on the contrary if/when channel trouble digest the good child and [is] not annoyed [by] hence passion eat or drink the milk [of] [at] child will not be annoyed.
Addition AA, DHA, Spingomielin [of] [at] milk formula in fact [do] not represent the especial consideration [of] best milk election. Addition [of] Iihat vitamin hoped have an effect on to child intellegence (it) is true still very controversy. Many research still bertolakbelakang for the attitude of the opinion.
Some research show the giving of AA and DHA [of] [at] premature patient see more useful. While giving [of] [at] baby enough month;moon (non premature) [do] not show the difference having a meaning (of) to influence the intellegence. So that WHO [of] only recommending giving of AA and DHA [of] only [at] just just premature baby.

How strategy or a step in the right direction in conducting best milk formula election to child:
1. Step early which must be conducted [by] [is] determine [whether/ what] child have the allergic risk or intoleransi of ox milk. This risk [is] happened [by] if (there are) any one of [the] or both parent have experienced of the allergy, asthma.
2. Second step, have to be careful in perceiving condition and trouble that happened [at] child from the day borned. Symptom which must [in] perceiving [is] symptom of channel trouble digest the, behavioral trouble and other body organ trouble since baby born
When there are allergic risk and other symptom as in to the, have to be more be careful in conducting] milk election. Where necessary conduct the consultancy farther to allergic specialist doctor [of] child, gastroenterologi of child or metabolik and endokrinologi child.
Trouble of body organ that happened continuously and happened long-range like often cough the, congested, diarrhoea ( defecate > 2 times/day), difficult defecate. If/When happened better have to be more be careful [whether/ what] this trouble [is] interconnected because incompatibility of milk formula.
3. Problem of price. Accomodating election of milk type by the condition of family economics. Milk price [do] not directly relate to the quality of content gizinya. Though the milk cheap not yet of course calorie, vitamin and its mineral [is] unfavourable

During amount of, its type according to for the age of child and [there] no trouble [of] hence that [is] best milk to grow the the child flower. All milk of formula milk circulating for the baby of child and of[is amount of calorie content, vitamin and its mineral [do] not differ far. the Price difference [is] possible influenced by obstetrical addition [of] AA, DHA etcetera in milk formula
Gift of Milk formula require the big expense. For the purchasing of milk formula [of] during 6 month;moon [is] in Indonesia estimated to finish the expense Rp. 7,920 trillion - Rp. 14,720 trillion. Though not yet of course the family can economical. It is not impossible their economics progressively.
4. Important Other consideration [is] (it) is so easy got, goodness in the case of purchasing place and ready [of] product. Flit the milk type to a child [do] not have to be worried [by] during [there] no the milk acceptance trouble.

If [do] not there are allergic symptom and risk [of] next step try the appropriate milk formula [of] any child age [is] brand and its type. Perceive the symptom and sign generated, if there no sigh continued [by] a giving] the milk summed uply as required [by] a child.

Result of interview by dr. Utami Roesli,Sp.A www.medicastore.com

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