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Cancer Effect of Hpv Mount at Man

A new study conducted [by] [all] American researcher find that Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which nowadays represent the [is] same cancer case cause to the number of with the tobacco and alcohol, will become the root cause in 10 year forwards. [All] researcher anticipate this matter [is] caused [by] the change in behavior of sexual of man and cancer degradation which [do] not relate to the HPV.

This Study [is] publicized in the early Februari 2008 in first edition [of] Journal Of Clinical Oncology and conducted by [all] researcher [in] division of Epidemiology and Genetik Cancer, Institute of National Cancer, Bethesda, Medical Maryland Institution And [of] Johns Hopkins, Baltimore which also have location [in] Maryland.

HPV have been known [by] as cause of cancer serviks (gracious mouth) [at] woman and have been performed [by] a vaccination program [in] many state of[is including America to immunize the young woman and girl to strain HPV.
Virus disseminating to pass the this sexual [relation/link] [is] anticipated [by] as cause more than 70% case of cancer serviks [of] where found [by] 12.000 new case and cause almost 4.000 death [in] just America every year.

Though former study have shown the existence of risk of cancer and kelamin as effect of infection HPV but up this moment until now there is no program immunize the HPV for the man of. Dr. Nugroho Kampono, Spog from FKUI Jakarta lay open that one of reason not yet the importance of vaccination HPV for the man of because prevalensi cancer [of] effect of HPV [of] [at] man much more low than woman.

Producer of Inventor of vaccine HPV that is Merck & Co. reported will ask the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) to agree the vaccine for the man of this year. [Is] expected with the man vaccination can discontinue the virus spreading to woman and degrade the case of cancer serviks.
Study to man [is] being [done/conducted] and there [is] evidence indicating that man vaccination also be of benefit to x'self. Besides cancer, HPV also cause the wart kelamin, cancer of penis and anus.
One of [the] study researcher, dr. Maura Gillison from University of Johns Hopkins say, " We require to start the discussion [of] concerning cancer [of] besides the cancer serviks able to be influenced positively by vaccine HPV."
dr. Maura Gillison anticipate one who [do/conduct] the seks oral by 5 or more couple [of] during its life have the possibility [of] larger ones experience of the cancer [of] red lane and its cause [is] strain HPV which have been known.
In this new study, Gillinson And its researcher friend check almost 46.000 cancer case that happened [among/between] year 1973-2004 where the data provided by Institute of National Cancer. Researcher dissociate the case become 2 group that is related to HPV (more than 17.500) and which is not interconnected (more 28.000).
Its result indicate that:
  1. Cancer [of] effect of HPV didiagnosa [of] [at] more compared to young age which is not interconnected HPV ( by respektif, man age which didiagnosa [is] 61.0 and 63.8 year.
  2. Cancer incident [of] effect of HPV mount by signifikan from year 1973 until 2004, [is] generally happened [at] young man have white husk.
  3. Cancer incident which is not interconnected HPV [do] not change and remain to stabilize during range of time [of] year 1973 until 1982, later;then downhill incident progressively after.
  4. Make-Up of safety number live by the therapy radiasi more real for the cancer of effect of HPV compared to which is not interconnected.

All researcher take the conclusion that case of cancer of cell of skuamosa mouth ( Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma / oscc) potential relate to the HPV mount [in] United States [of] since 1973 until 2004, what [is] possible resulted [by] a behavioral change [of] sexual. Newest progress in safety number with the radiotherapy also take a hand in the etiology OSCC.
Needed [by] a study which is more hitting effect HPV to man, to make balance to the its effect evidence to woman which have there [is]. From [about/around] 40 strain HPV disseminating to [pass/through] the sexual [relation/link], counted 13 strain known to cause the cancer [of] [at] man and woman.

Don'T be wrong [of] perception, vaccine HPV there [is] now cannot heal the infection but only block 4 strain HPV knew [by] as the root cause cancer serviks. This matter cause the program of vaccination HPV addressed [by] to all girl [of] before active them sexually.

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