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Diarrhoea Prevention

Diarrhoea is including disease able to recover by itself (self limiting disease). Nevertheless, don't look down to the diarrhoea because can menace the head. Two biggest murderer of children balita (under five year) is diarrhoea and penumonia.
Diarrhoea disease earn contagious through :
1. Usage of milk Bottle which is not clean
2. Using the source of impure water
3. Defecate any place
4. Food contamination by insect (fly, kecoa, etc) or by dirty hand

Hygiene factor in the reality follow the share in causing diarrhoea child. Start from appliance hygiene eat the child until hygiene after passing small / defecate. All that can hit the child hand or direct come into the child mouth have to be observed.
There is a way of easy to prevent hit by diarrhoea that is cleaning hand with the soap. Habit modestly clean the hand with the soap, if applied widely, will save more than one million people in all the world, specially balita.
Do not less important is giving minimum ASI 6 month;moon. Because, in ASI of there are antirotavirus that is imunoglobulin. Hence, children which drink the exclusive ASI seldom suffer the diarrhoea. Besides ASI, immunize the measles in the reality can prevent the diarrhoea," add the dr. Luszy Arijanty, Sp.A.
"The root cause diarrhoea of adult is bacterium which contamination eat and beverage, so that prevent the diarrhoea at adult by paying attention food and beverage hygiene. Become to select; choose the food which remain to be in god condition," suggestion dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, SP.PD, KGEH, MMB.

Injection of Vaccine Rotavirus

In Indonesia child death reach 240.000 people/ year. Child death because diarrhoea 50.400 people. From that amount 10.088 child among others effect of rotavirus. In Jakarta and Surabaya around 21-42 gratuity/ % of balita die effect of diarrhoea from rotavirus.
Rotavirus found first time by Ruth Bishop (Australia) Year 1973. In Indonesia rotavirus found at 1976. Rotavirus Possibility step into the body of human being not merely passing oral but also through the exhalation channel.
To prevent the diarrhoea of effect of infection rotavirus, can be given by vaccine of rotavirus per-oral (passing mouth). Unhappily in Indonesia, this vaccine rotavirus there is no. But because rotavirus generation of early that strainnya is equal to which is in world, G1, G2, G3, and G4, hence vaccine in other state can be used.
Year 2005, strain rotavirus in Indonesia turn into the G9. This type of seldom even have time to be found in India. In this time American, almost in all Europe state, Chinese, India, Bangladesh And Philippine, have used the vaccine rotavirus. Even in Philippine and American is vaccination rotavirus of[is including obliged.
Meanwhile in Indonesia, vaccination rotavirus of there is no. Rotavirus given by 2-3 times at age baby 6-8 week. Its price it is true still costly of Rp 300 ribu-500 thousand once vaccine. If used mass, can be cheaper as hepatitis B. In this time vaccine rotavirus of made in Merck and GSK have entered the permit process in BPOM.

If agreed by the Body POM (Supervisor Medicinize and Food), hereinafter prepare eight hospital (six education hospital, RSUD Kodya Yogyakarta and RSUD Purworejo) for the post of marketing surveillens of vaccine rotavirus. Vaccine hoped can lessen the diarrhoea effect of rotavirus.

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