Minggu, 24 Agustus 2008

Problem of Mouth

Mouth is one part of the body which vital enough because needed by a activity all day long like to speak and eat-drink. Once part of this come down with by hence other activity even also become annoyed.
Problem of mouth which often emerge is mouth aroma, sprue, mouth infection. Sprue represent the civil Ianguage to be assorted of lesion / bump [of] arising out in mouth cavity. But usually sprue type which often arise everyday at our mouth cavity is referred as (in dentist term) Stomatitis Aftosa Rekuren (SAR).
Its Symptom in the form of feeling pain or feel burnt by one two-day until which later;then can arise the hurt (ulser) [in] mouth cavity. Feel the pain and feel the heat at this sprue make the hard us eat and drink. So that sometime patient by SAR come to dentist in a state of weakening.
Till now the root cause from SAR not yet been known. But all expert have anticipated many matter becoming cause incidence of this sprue, among others is :
Ø Deficiencies of vitamin of B12 and ferrum
Ø Infection of Virus and bacterium is also anticipated by as blaze of incidence this SAR. There is also saying that sprue represent the abnormal reaction imunologik at mouth cavity
Ø Cause which enough is often happened at busy towny, is stress. this Psychological factor (stress) have been investigated to relate to incidence of SAR.

Given the its cause, is expected by us can avoid incidence of this sprue, among others with the keep cleaning of cavity trap and also consume the nutrisi which enough, pregnant especially vitamin of B12 and ferrum. Also besides, don't forget to avoid the stress.
But if in the reality sprue always lose to arise, You can try with the nut irrigate the warm salt and go to dentist to ask the correct drug for the sprue of its.
Aroma trap or its medical term is halitosis the problem of health of tooth and mouth griped by most society. In United States, more than 25 million chronic people mengidap halitosis. Similar fact is also griped by most society in nations go forward and also expand, especially in metropolis of like Jakarta
Generally trap to smell if :
Ø There is infection in mouth cavity, tooth keropos or perforated, bloated gum, tartar or calculus
Ø Tongue be angry, avitaminosis is capable because, tongue nipped, or grow the cancer over there
Ø There is gum infection, easy gum bleed the, fever, trap many salivating and weak body
Ø After dining food smelling strength of like leek and garlic.

Mouth aroma cause unconvinced of x'self because others which smell the the mouth usually will go away. Finally, is oppositely avoided from assocciation. Can possible immediately overcome the problema of mouth aroma in order not to is again avoided.

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